Saturday, 28 January 2012

Without You

In this moonlit night,
I cry for thee,
you who has abandoned this earth,
the place where I find myself flooded in tears,
moisturing that pendant of yours...

My tears entwined with the rain,
hide my sorrow from my face,
but my heart sinks once more,
and the thought of you brings me to my knees,
and all i do is cry for thee to be here with me,
for I am unprotected without your company,
my lamp has no candle and I cannot see.

The cold wind slaps my face,
and I raise my arms for consolation,
for in this life without you I seem not to understand,
and sorrow and sadness do not leave me apart,
yet i desire them to leave me,
for just being without you is the greatest of pain,
and my tears simply do not stop from flowing.

Vilnius - Lithuania

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